Image of Kaleidoscope Songs Number One (Digital Download)

Kaleidoscope Songs Number One (Digital Download)


The first release from musician Alex Mitnick & Lyricist Alan Bell.

2005 PARENTS' CHOICE Foundation Recommended Award Winner
2005 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award Winner
Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence Winner
2005 Children's Music Web Award Winner "Best Recording For Preschoolers"
2005 Children's Music Web Award Winner "Best New Artist"

"Kaleidoscope Songs has received the Film Advisory Board, Inc. Award of Excellence recognition for its contribution to enhance family entertainment.

The Review Committee believe the best way to produce sound ethics in kids is to give them the opportunity to experience music that opens their minds to great values. Kaleidoscope Songs Number One certainly leads in this quest.

The beautiful arrangements and lyrics of songs like 'When I am Big', 'The Family Song', 'The Who's Who Song' and 'The Bed Time Song' ignite compassion, promote awareness, and opens our thoughts that we are all as one in this vast world. The vocals of Alex Mitnick and young choir add perfectly for enjoyment.

Kaleidoscope Songs Number One is a great CD that kids will enjoy. The music is very entertaining and delivers great social values."

"Votes are in and your work/inspiration involved in the music of Kaleidoscope Songs is amazing. It's soothing tone and creative lyrics are simply beautiful. Congratulaions on winning the Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award." - Jodie Lynn, Family/Health expert of Parent to Parent, author of Mommy CEO and CEO/Founder of

1) I Am
2) Used to be a Baby
3) Face in the Mirror
4) The Tongue Song
5) The Hand Song
6) Try Again
7) When I Am Big
8) The Everyday Song
9) The Family Song
10) The Who's Who Song
11) Together
12) Mother
13) My Dad!
14) Blue Sky Time
15) The Bed Time Song