Image of I'm So Glad! (Digital Download)

I'm So Glad! (Digital Download)


Parents' Choice Foundation APPROVED!
Tilly Wig Toy Award BEST FAMILY FUN!
BEST SONG FOR CHILDREN from the Independent Music Awards!

"A worldly flair is injected into all of these good time dance songs
with front man Alex Mitnick's hearty voice being the spoon that stirs
this yummy gumbo." - Out With The Kids

"There are so many things this music CD does well, and one of them is
to make the listener smile. Repeatedly.The songs are so upbeat, the
pulses so rhythmic and danceable, you'd be hard put to stay in a bad
mood even if you tried." - Tilly Wig Toy Awards

"Feel-good, hand-clapping, toe-tapping music crafted with appealing
multicultural rhythms and lyrics drawing inspiration from the natural
world." – Parents' Choice Foundation

1. I'm So Glad
2. The Tongue Song
3. Crocodile
4. Water Lily
5. Kangaroo!
6. Dino Dig
7. Tyrannosaurus
8. Blue Sky Time
9. Music
10. Together